Dove Dove

                                                                                                Isaiah 61:1


   Dublin Head


Spirit's Irish Cheer of Woodmore



To our Spirit Golden Family….


It is with incredible sadness that we mourn the sudden loss of “Spirits Irish Cheer of Woodmore”

…..our Dublin.   Our trip to the vet on September 25, 2019 ended with the unexpected.  

When there can no longer be quality of life for any of our dogs, it is time. 


This is difficult to write, special boy …..


How do we begin to thank you, Dublin, for all the love you have given not only to us,

but to so many families whose lives you have touched with the gift of your puppies. 

It is because of you, Spirit Golden Retrievers is what it is today….

You are our “Star”, one in a million boy. There are no words to express our gratitude,

Liam Moran, for this amazing gift.  We are forever grateful you entrusted us with his care.



Beautiful, sweet, gentle boy ….. I can’t seem to find the words right now. 

They really aren’t necessary.... you know.  Your legacy at Spirit Golden Retrievers

will carry on in your 3 beautiful sons.  Time is so precious, and we thank you

for sharing it with us.  Run free special boy.  Someday we will be reunited at the

Rainbow Bridge….this time will be for eternity.  Until then, our love is forever,

never to be forgotten.






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