Our dogs are, first and foremost, members of our family.





Dear Family, Friends and Acquaintances,
Today, Spirit Golden Retrievers mourns the loss of our beloved Tyler - December 1, 2006 .
Tyler was a beautiful American Golden, 2 years old, born with a big black spot of fur on the right side of his face.  Tyler never received any hype on our "Spirit"  Web site.  He was not one of our breeding dogs - he was our pet, making him NO less important than any of our dogs we have imported from all over the world.  He bore the true temperament, gentleness, and love of what I pray every "Spirit" puppy will someday bring to any home.  He was a shining example of what my God and Spirit has created and for whom our Kennel is named.

Ty was the teacher around our home.  He took it upon himself to befriend and teach every new puppy.  He taught them to play, to be gentle and giving as he would lay on the floor and let them jump all over him and torment him.  He would gently correct them with his soft mouth when they got too rough.  This summer, he became the guardian of Rosie's new puppies.  He and Rosie had an understanding.  It is amazing how nature knows such things.  He watched over Spice's babies while they were here.  He would lay outside the door of the room they were in.  None of the other dogs seemed to care as he did.  Ty would greet me every morning in bed and cuddle up for a while.  What a way to begin your day.  Total, unconditional love.


Friday night when I went to let the dogs in for the night they were filthy and smelled of horse manure.  Our neighbors have three horses.  We knew immediately that the gate had not been latched.  Five of the dogs were back in the garage, Kallie came running when I called. Ana barked from the back acreage not knowing how to get back home.  I quickly gathered her up and Bob and I went to look for Ty bribing him with his favorite biscuits.  He didn't come.
Bob found him at the side of the road - he had been hit by a car.  I'm sure he died instantly.  I thank the Lord he did not have to suffer.  I also praise the Lord that the rest of the dogs were OK.  We now feel the pain of loss - our hearts are broken.  The rest of the dogs said their good-byes to Ty.  They whimpered, and licked him and said their goodbyes for the last time by touching their noses to his.  It was difficult to watch but comforting as well.  We are amazed at the perception of nature and the feelings they share for each other.  God works in such awesome ways. 
We buried him in our Memorial Garden we made this past spring for our Granddaughter, Bailey, who passed away 8 yrs. ago.  It was beautiful this year, filled with beautiful pink flowers and surrounded with rocks to complete the circle of love our family will always have for her.  There was no better place to put him and I could not leave his side until I had completed the circle of rocks around his sacred place.  He is safe inside our circle of love always to be loved, missed and remembered for always.

You are probably asking why I am telling you all of this.  I need to ask you all a favor on behalf of our Tyler.  Please go outside and check to be sure your gates are locked.  Double check every time you leave to be sure.  Check them twice.  As much as I believe Ty's leaving is all a part of God's plan, part of me cannot help believe that maybe he would still be with us if I had only double checked the gate.  We also ask that if you ever have the misfortune  to hit a dog with your car, that you please respect the fact that this precious animal was a gift of God's creation and probably someone's pet that was loved with all their hearts.  Stop and try to find the owner to let them know that you respect the love they have for their animal. I know it would help to ease my pain knowing that someone cared enough about him to stop and didn't just leave him by the side of the road to die.  We all know, they are not "just dogs".  They are members of our families.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and for sharing in our grief.  We don't know you all very well, but your are all a part of our Spirit family.  May the Spirit of one gentle, loving Golden Retriever named Tyler live in the hearts of all of you.  Celebrate life and love and never take it for granted.
May God bless and keep you all.  Have the happiest of holidays.
All our love,
Gayle & Bob Kohnen
Kallie, Logan, Abbey, Sancho, Eva, Sami, and Ana
The Spirit Golden Retriever Gang!






A Time for Everything

 1 There is a time for everything,
       and a season for every activity under heaven:

 2 a time to be born and a time to die,
       a time to plant and a time to uproot.


                                                                                                    Ecclesiastes 3




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