Our dogs are, first and foremost, members of our family.


August 2013


A few months after losing our beloved Jack Russel to old age, we decided the house was just too quiet.  It was time to bring another dog into our home.  We were pretty open to different options.  We checked Petfinder, local shelters and rescues. While we were looking, we also started to think about what breed would be a good fit for us. We didn't have a fenced in yard, but did have a lot of property with a good sized pond, so a large dog would probably be good. It also had to be very good with kids since our grand kids come to visit, sometimes for a week at a time. And maybe a dog gentle enough to be trained to be a therapy dog to benefit our local community.


     The obvious answer was a Golden Retriever. When we narrowed our focus to Goldens, we saw a photo of an English Golden. What a gorgeous dog! That was definitely going to be our next dog. Now we just had to find one.


     One of the first websites we visited was Spirit Golden Retrievers. We visited many more websites, but always returned to Spirit Golden's. There was no comparison. Spirit Golden's don't just sell puppies. They raise and train puppies to be happy, confident family members from the moment they are born.  And they don't just say they train them. They post videos on their website and welcome you into their home via a live video stream running 24 hours a day.


     We watched the puppies getting bio-sensor therapy, sleeping through

fireworks and thunder conditioning, and playing outside on agility

equipment. We watched as they learned to sit and shake hands. We listened as

Gayle gently sang to them and called 'Puppies, puppies, puppies!' to get

their attention. A sweet voice forever imprinted on their little brains.


     Our little Ruby is three months old now and is a much loved member of our

family. She's eager to please and easy to train. She loves everyone and is the center of attention wherever she happens to be. Our lives are truly blessed.


    We are so grateful to Bob & Gayle for raising such wonderful dogs!


                                                                                                  Mike and Deb Swartz



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