Our dogs are, first and foremost, members of our family.


Puppies are a joy.  They are full of energy, playful and loving.  But......they are also a lot of work.  Discipline, training, cleaning up their "presents" are time consuming and sometimes trying.


If you are not up to such a commitment, you might want to consider an older dog.  If that is the case, Spirit Golden Retrievers highly recommends that you consider the option of adopting a rescue Golden.  Throughout the area there are many stories of Golden Retrievers that can no longer be cared for by their current owners.  People move, dogs run away, lifestyles change, allergies are developed are all reasons requiring their loved pet to be placed in a new home.


If this is of interest, we recommend that you contact a golden retriever rescue organization.  In the Columbus, Ohio area contact Golden Endings:  Golden Retriever Rescue (GEGRR) at  And in Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio contact:  Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs (GRRAND) at  We support their efforts and thank you for considering this option.



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