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August 2013 


      I have had the pleasure and privilege of adopting a golden retriever puppy from Spirit Golden Retrievers and of getting to know Gayle Kohnen over the past few years.  I began following Gayle’s breeding program about 5 years ago when I discovered her love for the breed and found her breeding philosophy to be exemplary and quite thorough and ethical.  I knew at some point that I wanted to adopt one of her puppies and was thrilled when I had the opportunity to do so this summer. 


     She has a very thorough process of screening families that will be able to adopt and I loved that she was selective about her puppies and where they will live out their lives.  She was easy to contact and always would get right back to me regarding the application process, the waiting list process as well as answering any questions that I had. 


      Gayle kept all of us on her waiting list for the last litter updated as to a confirmed pregnancy, sonogram pictures of anticipated number of puppies and of the actual birth (or whelping I should say) itself.  We received emails on every single puppy born and updates and pictures on how they were doing those first few days after they were born.  Spirit Golden’s also enables families to watch their puppies over their first 6 weeks of life via a puppy-cam which makes for an incredible bonding process with the puppy.  I felt so lucky and was so grateful to have that ability and opportunity to watch how she nurtures, cares for and loves her puppies. 


     I feel that Gayle is the best breeder of golden retrievers that I have ever met (this was our 4th golden puppy) as she incorporates much of the latest research on bio-sensory training of the puppies, with quality medical care and an unending love and respect of the breed. 


     My 7 week old male puppy, Charley, was the sweetest, most laid back and intelligent puppy that I have ever had ( he is now almost 13weeks old).  We feel so blessed to have met and worked with Gayle at Spirit Golden Retrievers and just love Charley to pieces.  We have included some pictures of him over the past 6 weeks - he is just beautiful, so well behaved and eager to learn and please.  


     I would highly recommend Spirit Golden Retrievers and hope to adopt from her again someday in the near future.


                                                                                                Stephanie Jacobs


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